Build on Books

Dear Parents,

Similar to last year, I’m collecting children’s shoes on behalf of Build on Books.

You may be familiar with the local charity called Build on Books, run by Lori Spragg. Lori supports children in Sierra Leone many of whom have been orphaned by the Ebola outbreak. A majority of the children don’t have any shoes to wear which leaves them vulnerable to parasites, injuries and infections.

At the end of term, many of the Burford children will no longer be needing their school shoes as parents will buy new ones for September. As per last year, I am organising a shoe collection, where children could donate their old shoes on the last day of term.

There is no pressure to donate – obviously not all children will have outgrown their shoes, whilst some shoes will only be fit for the bin! Also Lori can’t take muddy shoes due to the contamination risk to the farming in Sierra Leone. However, if your child has a clean pair of wearable shoes (this is not just restricted to school shoes) that you would like to donate, then please bring them to the stamping shelter on the last day of term.

I thought this was a simple way that we can make a small difference to help these orphans.

We have been given a donation towards the cost of shipping the shoes from various LOVE Marlow events, but if anyone would like to make a further donation then please hand it into the school office in an envelope marked Build on Books.

Many thanks for your support,

Caz Grafham
On behalf of Build on Books

On behalf of Build on Books