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Wellbeing Tip

Dear Parents, 

I hope that you had an amazing summer break and enjoy reading the first wellbeing tip of the year. The tips this year will come fortnightly. 

I thought to start the year I would reintroduce our logo for wellbeing ‘The Burford Body’ and explain to any new parents what this logo is all about. 

Last year we began our work developing a wellbeing programme at Burford School to ensure that we were supporting our children to be the happiest and best version of themselves. This is really important to us as a school because if we can support their wellbeing as best as possible, we will have happy and enthusiastic children who are ready to learn and achieve well both in and outside school. 

Wellbeing simply means ‘the general health and happiness of an individual’ and through lots of research into strategies to boost wellbeing, we created our logo which ties in this research, our school values and our passion around developing growth mindsets in our children. From this, the Burford Body was born! This logo underpins all of our teaching, is displayed in all of our classrooms and is something regularly referenced to each day through our circle times and general conversations with the children. We all have a Burford Body so promoting this at home through encouraging the statements featured on the logo (eg. kindness, gratitude and calm down strategies) will support children in developing great habits to support their mental health and wellbeing. 

I look forward to chatting to many of you about our wellbeing programme this year and do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes 

Reading Tips

The joys and benefits of comic books and graphic novels!

Graphic novels and comic books have become increasingly popular over the last few years. There is also a growing body of research, focused on how the brain processes the combination of images and text, indicating that graphic novels are a great resource for all learners – beginning and advanced!

When pupils read visual narratives, the activity in the brain is similar to how readers comprehend text-based sentences. However, when pupils learn to read graphic novels with an analytical eye, depth and complexity are added to the reading process.

With graphic novels, pupils have to use both text and images to make inferences and gain information, both of which are abstract and challenging skills for readers. Images, just like text, can be interpreted in many different ways, and can bring nuances to the meaning of the story. In this form of literature, the images and the text are of equal importance—the text would not fully make sense without the images, and the reverse is true as well.   In graphic texts, children need to analyse the images, looking for signs of character development, for example, or clues that help build plot. All of this experience developing textual and visual reading skills contributes to pupils’ understanding of their world — the ways text and images all around them communicate.

The Three E’s of Comics:  Engagement – Comics impart meaning through the reader’s active engagement with written language and sequential images. Readers must actively make meaning from the interplay of text and images, as well as by filling in the gaps between panels.  Efficiency – The comic format conveys large amounts of information in a short time.  Effectiveness – Processing text and images together leads to better recall and transfer of learning.

When children read enjoyable, complex and compelling stories, they are motivated to read more, so graphic novels can also be great steppingstones to longer texts. Children can enjoy the stories and practice high-level reading comprehension skills, even at a lower text reading level.  Also, they often really like and enjoy them!

Many classic book titles have also been created in graphic novel format, for example, Tom’s Midnight Garden, The Golden Compass, The Hobbit and Anne Frank’s Diary.  The Percy Jackson and Alex Rider books are also available in graphic novel format. Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook, Bone by Jeff Smith and Rapunzel’s Revenge are also recommended.

If you are interested in adult graphic novels, Waterstones in High Wycombe have a dedicated section for this genre and the Marlow Bookshop has a small range of adult graphic novels.

Happy reading!

Mrs Bull


Objective Meetings

Flu Immunisations

Dear Parents/Carers

The Buckinghamshire Immunisation Team has moved to on-line consent for all school immunisations.

Please find attached a letter detailing all the relevant links required. Please ensure that you complete your child’s form as soon as possible, and at the latest by the date indicated.

You are required to complete a form to either consent OR decline this immunisation.

Many thanks

Buckinghamshire Immunisation Team​​​​​​​

Year 1 Topic

Dear Parents,

For our Topic this term we are studying Houses and Homes. Could you please send your child in with a picture of your home, this can be e-mailed or printed.

If possible we would like these by Friday 13th September.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team

School Clubs

Jeans for Genes

Dear Parents

Jeans for Genes

It’s ‘Jeans for Genes’ day next Friday 20th September.  Pupils and staff are invited to wear their jeans to school in return for a £1 donation to show their support!  Pupils will still need to wear their usual school uniform above their jeans but they may wear trainers instead of school shoes.

Yours sincerely

Mr Garner

Parent Forum

Barnardos Volunteer Request

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