Year 3

Beech Class Helping Parents

Dear Helping Parents,

This week (week commencing 8th July) will be the last week that parent help will be required in Beech Class as a number of summer activities will be going on during our final week.

Thank you so much for all of your time this year; it is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes

Judo Club September 2019

Netball Club Cancelled

Due to Open Evening next Thursday (11th July), Yoga Club and Netball Club are cancelled.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Classlist Quick Start Guide

You should now have all received an invitation to Classlist. Please find attached a ‘Quick Start Guide’ to assist with navigating the system. Please ensure you sign up to your current year groups. We will then move you up to your new year groups over the summer.

Thank you.

Year 3 Pens

Dear Parents,

We have a number of children without pens and many of these children are now writing in pencil. Despite it being near the end of the year, we would appreciate if you could check with your child if they need a new pen and that these are restocked so that those who have received their pen licence can write in pen for their final English unit.

Many thanks.

Miss Barnes and Mr Farina

Year 3 Trip to Hindu Temple

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to let you know that we have confirmed our trip to the Hindu Temple, the BAPS Shri Swainarayan Mandir in Neasden, London, for Tuesday 9th July 2019.  This visit is linked to our current studies of Hinduism. As part of the visit, the children will be able to look around a special exhibition, ‘Understanding Hinduism’, explore this beautiful temple and potentially observe a service taking place.

We will depart at 9.00am and return by the end of school. Depending on the weather, the children may need a waterproof coat/sunhat/suncream so please pack accordingly depending on the weather.  They will need to bring a packed lunch and drinks (no glass bottles please).

As the temple is a sacred place, there are one or two special restrictions in terms of dress code and behaviour. Shorts or skirts need to be longer than knee length. If the children’s shorts or skirts are too short, they will be asked to wear a wrap or refused permission to enter the temple. We would therefore suggest that boys wear long trousers and the girls wear leggings with their dresses.

We are very restricted to where we might eat at lunchtime but have been given permission to eat indoors in a designated area of the temple. However, there are strict food restrictions and in order to respect these, please ensure that packed lunches do not contain meat, fish, nuts, onions, garlic, eggs or any kind of animal products. We realise this is quite restrictive but there is no other option available to us and we would appreciate your support regarding this.  (Sandwiches could be made with marmite, humous, salad, banana or quorn products.  Children could bring pasta with a tomato sauce.)

As the visit takes place within school hours, under the terms of the 2002 Education Reform Act no charge can be made by the school for the visit. May I therefore invite you to make a voluntary contribution of £10.00 to cover the cost of the coach and the exhibition. By paying via Parent Pay, you are also giving permission for your child to attend this trip. 

All children will be able to take part in the visit regardless of whether parent(s) have been able to make a contribution. However, if we do not receive a sufficient sum in voluntary contributions the visit will have to be cancelled since we could not cover the cost from the school funds.

We will require a few parent helpers from each class for this trip. If you are available for the whole day, please get in touch with class teachers directly.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes and Mr Farina

Choir – January 2020!

Y3 Wind Chimes

Dear Parents,

As part of the creative work we will be doing this week, the children will be making wind chimes/wind mobiles.

Whilst we are planning to hunt around the woods for different materials, please could you send your child in on Wednesday this week with a small bag of objects that could be attached to a mobile. These can be bits and bobs (preferably metal to generate sound) hiding in drawers at home. Such objects could be cutlery no longer needed, beads, buttons, shells, old keys, old batteries or CDs no longer needed.

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes and Mr Farina

Year 3 Science

Please could we ask for donations of WASHED egg shells for use in our science lessons this week. Children can bring them into school throughout the week.

Thank you.

Year 3 Team


Dear Parents,

During our evaluations of our Great Marlow cooking visit with MrsCadogan, we had a number of the children ask for the recipes for the cookies and pasties we made. They enjoyed their snacks so much that many asked if they could be made at home. Here they are!

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes and Mr Farina

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