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Weekly Wellbeing Tip

Dear Parents,

This week’s tip comes from another parent, Josie Jacobs. Her comprehensive ideas on ‘Self Compassion’ are definitely worth a read because as she says, being kinder to yourself and giving time for your own self-care will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of your child too. A big thank you to Josie for all her time in putting this together for us this week.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes

One Can Trust

A reminder that all classes in Burford are making Summer Holiday Countdown Calendars for the One Can Trust food bank. The class that collects the most food will receive the Burford Cup and a box of chocolates. Next week (beginning 15th July) please bring in tinned fruit and tinned vegetables. In the final week of term, please bring in any food on the urgently needed items list: tinned fish, tinned ham, rice, pasta/cooking sauce, tinned meat meals, reduced salt corned beef, tinned potatoes, tinned fruit long-life milk, jams/spreads, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo. shower gel. 

Lots of children are also making Countdown Calendars at home. Please bring these to school at drop off on the last day of term and I will take them to the food bank for you.

Thank you.

Rebecca Lewis

Open Evening

Dear Parents/Carers

A reminder that it is Open Evening tomorrow, Thursday 11th July, 6:00-7:30pm. 

Open Evening is an opportunity to view the work your children have done this year in their current classroom.  It is also an opportunity to meet their new Class Teacher. 

As it is an informal evening, Open Evening is not an appropriate time to discuss in detail your child’s progress.  You will receive their end of year school report on Monday 15th July. 

Yours sincerely

Ian Garner

Message from Bucks Museum

Weekly Reading Tip

Dear Parents,

Last week, we passed on tips for keeping your child engaged in reading throughout the summer.  Often challenges can inspire children more than rewards, ensuring they continue to read beyond the summer.

On Friday 12th July, Marlow Library will be coming to inspire the children to take part in their summer reading challenge! Below is some information for you, as parents, so you can make a start at signing up to the library if you haven’t done so already!   If there is one thing you should continue over the summer it’s read, read, read!!

Marlow Library Reading – Summer Challenge

Here is some info about the Summer Reading Challenge, and what we can offer at Bucks Libraries all year round for keen readers (and their families, too!).

The Summer Reading Challenge is a themed, annual, nationwide reading scheme that has been running for many years in the UK.

It is open to Library card holders only (aged 4-11), so anyone who would like to participate would need to join up to the Library, which is a very simple (and free!) process.   

All we need is a new member with a grown-up with them to act as guarantor, and their proof of address/ signature. Driving licences, utility bills, bank statements etc all count as valid ID. 

Start date is July 13th, and spaces are very limited, so the message is, to get enrolled as soon as you on or after that date.

This year’s theme is “Space Chase”.   All our participants will take part in a cosmic reading journey, unique to Marlow Library, where they may plot their achievements on the wall of fame! Progress is made by reading any six Library books (not just space ones) and then talking to a member of the Library team about what you have read, whether you enjoyed it, who was the best character and so on. There are various small rewards to collect as you go! On completion (finishing date is usually the end of the summer hols), we will hand over a personalised certificate. I know schools are always pleased at the start of the new term to see who has received one, so we encourage our young readers to keep them safe.

The emphasis is very much on fun, and the enjoyment of reading, having an opinion and hopefully sparking the “book bug” in less keen readers. If children find it more convenient to listen to spoken word sets rather than traditional format books, that is perfectly OK. 

I have put the link here if you would like to have a bit more info from the Reading Agency: 

Lots of activities will be taking place over the school holidays to tie in with the Space theme, tailored towards different age groups. 

Check out our website or call in to see what’s going on!

Regarding the Library generally, we always welcome new members of all ages. Books and magazines are available for borrowing, as are stories on CD and films on DVD. A lot of what is on offer is downloadable, so it could be a chance to have lots of books and magazines available on one’s device in time for holidays! We also have lots of homework and online research sites via the Library website. 

Facilities such as public computers, scanning and photocopying are on hand. Marlow Library is very proud to host a variety of regular and one-off events throughout the year aimed at all parts of the community, be they young or old, or in between!

I know a great many of our borrowers are Burford students already and we look forward to signing them up to this year’s Challenge, along with lots of new faces too!

The Marlow Library Team/The Burford Reading Team

Message from Lantern Church

On Sunday 14th July at 11am “all Creatures Great and Small” welcome at the Lantern Community Church Service being held at St Mary’s church in Marlow Bottom.

Please come along to this service for all ages and all species – although we recommend that you only bring pets who are happy with other pets around them! If you fall into the category of ‘wish we had a pet’ or ‘we really can’t manage a pet’ you are, of course, also very welcome and might want to bring along toys or pictures of your favourite animals to share. There will be songs, prayers, food, a bible story, blessing of animals (and humans) and a lot of fun, so we look forward to welcoming you!

Sami and Graham Watts

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