Enforced school closure

In the event of enforced school closure…

We would like to remind you of the procedure for notifying you should we ever have to close the school.

    • We will notify Bucks County Council who will place the information on the website Bucks CC School Closures   They will also then notify local radio stations that you can tune into for up to date information.

    • We will send you a text.

    • We will post the information on the school website www.burfordschool.co.uk

  • We will endeavour to make any decision to close by approximately 7.30am. We have to take into account that conditions in Marlow Bottom can be quite different to those in High Wycombe and outlying villages and that the majority of staff do not live in walking distance of the school.

  • If the school is closed you should assume that any trips due to go out that day will be cancelled.

  • The default position is always that the school is open unless you are advised otherwise.

  • It should be noted that closing the School in these circumstances will be the last resort and a situation we would seek to avoid wherever practically possible. However, it may be necessary to close the school in order to ensure the safety of pupils and in this event it is essential that all parents are informed quickly and clearly about the situation.

We would also ask all parents to ensure that they have submitted up-to-date mobile telephone numbers to school.