Equality Objectives

Our School’s Equality Objectives



Key Priorities for Action


Our school’s equality objectives have five features, they are – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited.  The first two of these, specific and measurable are explicitly mentioned in legislation.  Meaningful equality objectives must be based on evidence.  Equality objectives may arise from analysis that we have carried out on our published data or other information, where we have identified an area where there is potential for improvement on equalities.




Equality Objectives



Protected Characteristics

  1. To ensure pupils with disability have access to an appropriate curriculum in order to achieve to their highest potential.



  1. To ensure all pupils regardless of ethnicity or race make good progress and achieve to their highest potential.


Ethnicity and Race

  1. To ensure all pupils are able to make good progress and achieve in all areas of the curriculum and are represented in all aspects of school life.


Gender / Sexual Orientation

  1. To ensure that all pupils are encouraged to celebrate diversity and develop a greater awareness and understanding of different communities.


Religion and Belief