Final Arrangement for ‘Love Marlow’ Choir on Sunday 16th June

Dear Parents,                                                                                      

The children are enjoying singing the Love Marlow songs but now need to ensure that they know all the words off by heart as our rehearsals have been so disjointed! (Most children do already 😊)!

On Sunday 16th June the children are performing from 12 – 12.30pm. 7 out of 8 Marlow Primary Schools are participating in the combined schools’ choir so please meet me at 11.45am in Higginson Park so that we can all get lined up and onto the stage ready to start for 12 o’clock. I will be waiting to the left of the Marlow FM stage as you look at it, and will bring a Burford Choir banner so that the meeting point is clear. Children will need to wear their Burford uniform.

I would be grateful if parents could take responsibility for bringing and carrying any emergency medication that their child might need. I will not be taking any of the children’s medication with me that we hold in school.

I will photocopy all of the emergency contact details that we have in school for each child in case I need to pass on an urgent message from the organisers over the weekend. If you need to contact me in an emergency then my mobile number is 07950 427721. Please keep this number private and do not give this number to the children.  It is likely that the event will still go ahead even if it is raining as the stage is under cover. As it is an open event, photography and recording are unrestricted.

Thank you for your support. See you on Sunday!

Emma Legassick