Governing Body Structure

Burford School – Governors Organisation 2018/19

The instrument of Government effective 11th February 2015 states the Burford School has 15 governors:-

Under the instrument the Governing Body shall consist of:-

  • Four Parent Governors
  • One LA Governor
  • One Staff Governor
  • One Headteacher
  • Eight co-opted Governors

Effective September 2018, the following individuals are governors at Burford School.

Parent Governors:

Andrea McCubbin, Josie Jacobs, Gary Regan, Kevin Ford

LA Governor:                                     Richard Apletree

Headteacher:                                     Ian Garner

Co-opted Governors:                     

Sarah Cooper, Neil Hillier, Jason Batten, Tracey Marshall

Graham Watts, Jane Hawksworth, Kevin Steele, David Caldwell

Staff Governors:  Ben Farina 

Governors effective September 2018, hold the following positions:-

Chair                                                                                     Sarah Cooper

Vice Chair                                                                           Neil Hillier

SEND Governor                                                                Gary Regan

Safeguarding Governor                                                   Gary Regan

Pupil Premium Governor                                             Gary Regan

Development Governor                                                 Jane Hawksworth

Performance Governors                                               Sarah Cooper / Jane Hawksworth

SMSC Governor                                                                Josie Jacobs / Graham Watts

Diversity & Equalities Governor                                Graham Watts

EYFS Governor                                                                 Kevin Steel

KS1 Governor                                                                    Jane Hawksworth

Lower KS2 Governor                                                      Graham Watts

Upper KS2 Governor                                                      Josie Jacobs

Assessment Governor                                                    Sarah Cooper

English Governor                                                            Sarah Cooper / Andrea McCubbin

Maths Governor                                                               Josie Jacobs


Responsible for all financial, facilities and HR matters; and relationships with the Community. 

Jason Batten

David Caldwell

Sarah Cooper

Ian Garner

Tracey Marshall

Kevin Steele

Kevin Ford

Graham Watts



Responsible for learning and assessment and keeping abreast of educational developments. 

Kevin Steele – Chairman

Sarah Cooper

Ian Garner

Tracey Marshall

Andrea McCubbin

Gary Regan

Josie Jacobs

Neil Hillier

Kevin Ford