KS2 Easter Egg Competition 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

We will be holding our Easter Egg competition again this year and as last year, you will have the Easter Holidays to create your masterpiece!

To enter the competition children must ‘blow’ the egg out of its shell and then decorate it. There are many ways in which the children can decorate their eggs; some eggsamples may include colourful patterns or a play on words beginning with ‘ex’. For eggsample, an ‘eggstra-terrestrial, or an Olympic ‘egglete’. The eggs may be accompanied by a small scene but please consider the number of entries we may have and the space available to display them all.

Please read below for instructions on how to blow an egg. Children should be supervised and assisted at all times. Children with egg allergies should see the school office for a plastic alternative.

You will need: an egg, a bowl, a sewing needle/pin.
1. Simply take the pin into your dominant hand and the egg in the other hand. Place a small pinhole into the top of the eggshell taking care not to squeeze too hard. Once you have placed the pinhole into the top of the egg, you need to carefully turn the egg over in your hand, and poke another hole into the other end of the eggshell.

2. Now comes the fun part of blowing out the egg. Hold the egg over the bowl and blow the yoke and the egg whites from the shell in one quick hard blow. You may need to repeat this a couple of times.
TIP: You need to blow rather than suck the egg.

3. Once the egg has been blown from its shell you can begin to decorate your shell. Remember the shell will be very fragile so handle it carefully.

Please label your entries clearly with name, class and year group. ENTRIES MUST BE BROUGHT INTO THE SCHOOL HALL ON THE MORNING OF WEDNESDAY 24TH APRIL FOR JUDGING!

Yours sincerely

Mr Garner