Dear Parents,

We have quite a large number of overdue library books throughout the school at the moment. We are trying hard to update the library regularly with new books and we really need your help encouraging responsibility and returning books taken out to the library on time, so that others can enjoy them! Currently, the children can have a book out for 4 weeks before it’s classed as overdue and we have overdue books as far back as before Christmas!

The children will continue to be able to take books out of the library for the next few weeks, but we will be asking for all books to be returned by Friday 28th June for the year please. After that date we will send out a final reminder with the amount the cost is to replace the book, which will be added to your parent pay account.

We will be having a change to how the library is used (and library reminders) in the new school year, which we will update you on soon!

Thank you for your support!

The Reading Team