Long Term Plan

Writing Long Term Plan


Year Autumn 1st half Autumn 2nd half Spring 1st half Spring 2nd half Summer 1st half Summer 2nd half
1 Non FictionRecounts

Walk & trip writing



Non Fiction

Labels, lists and captions



Stories with familiar settings

Dear Zoo

Do not enter the Monster Zoo



Traditional Stories

3 Little Pigs


Non FictionInstructions

Make magnetic fish game

Make playdough

Make animal masks


Non Fiction


Trip writing



Using the senses

Pit-a-Pat-a Parrot


Visual Literacy- National Film Week work

Rio 2


Non FictionRecounts

Holiday writing



Stories about Fantasy worlds

Baboon on the Moon



Traditional Stories and fairy tales



Non Fiction

Labels, lists and captions

Whose Baby? (big book)

Amazing Animals (big book)



Non FictionRecounts

Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landing



Stories with predictable and patterned language

Use story mountain to write story about class mascot



Beep Beep Poem

Working on my Robot


Non FictionDictionary

A – Z of Toys (big book)




Poems on a theme

A Teeny Tiny Teddy

I’m riding on a Giant


Non Fiction

Information texts

Toys around the World (big book)



Non FictionRecounts


Holiday writing


Non Fiction

Recounts- fiction

Boris Flies High



Stories about Fantasy worlds

Monsters Inc





2 FictionStories with familiar setting

Tom’s Tail

Duck so small

Bear in the Park (visit to park)



FictionTraditional Stories

Gingerbread Man


FictionDifferent stories by the same author

Anthony Browne

John Burningham

Non FictionExplanations

Inventions? (talk for writing)


FictionExtended stories

Wind in the Willows




Non FictionNon-chronological reports

Captions and eye witness account about the GFoL


PoetryRepeated patterns/rhyming poems

Walking around the zoo




Non FictionInformation Texts

Powerpoint about Mary Secole (link to ICT)



PoetryNonsense poems

Ning Nang Nong




PoetryReally Looking minibeasts




3 PoetryShape poems



Non FictionInstructions

George’s Marvellous Medicine


FictionAuthors and Letters

Emily Gravitt

Oliver Jeffers


FictionMyths and Legends


Comic strip versions

PoetryPoems to perform



Non FictionNon Chronological Report

The Honey Bee

FictionStories with familiar setting

The Mousehole Cat


Non FictionInformation Texts

Badgers Wood

PoetryLanguage Play


Kenning Poems

FictionAdventure and Mystery

Scooby Doo

FictionDialogue and Plays

Alternative to Fairy Tales

The Owl Babies


FictionFilm Narrative

Lego Movie

4 FictionHistorical Settings






Non-FictionRecounts FictionStories with dilemmas

Bill’s new Frock


Poster and drama

FictionFantasy characters

Iron Man

PoetryRecognise different forms of poetry
PoetryCreating images

Recognise different forms of poetry.

Prepare poetry for performance



Non-FictionLetter writing in role FictionStories from Different cultures

Mayan Story (chocolate)

5 Non-FictionInstructions




PoetryNarrative Poetry

The Highway Man


Non-FictionPlay scripts

Phantom Sausage Stealer

Non-fictionPersuasive Writing

Woodrow Leaflet



FictionFilm Fiction

The Piano

PoetryChoral Poetry

Various Texts


FictionTraditional Stories

Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book

Just So Stories


FictionStories from another country

Egyptian stories

Jessie came across the sea

FictionModern Fiction

The Midnight Fox

PoetryPoetic style

Michael Rosen

Robert Louis Stevenson


FictionMyths and Legends

Robin Hood



6 FictionDetective  and Mystery Stories

Various Texts


Story Writing based on a classic story from our literary heritage

Lion Witch and the Wardrobe


Non-FictionJournalism Non-FictionFormal and informal letter writing


PoetryPerformance FictionMyths and Legends or stories from other cultures



No Literacy taught 


 Non- FictionPlay scripts

Various Texts


Non-fictionBiographies and Autobiographies Non-FictionPersuasive and Balanced Arguments