Message from Juniper Parent Rep

Please see below message from Juniper Parent Rep:
Hello everyone.
I realise that all of us are busy in different ways but unfortunately nobody has come forward in Juniper to help out, so a final plea please for any parental support that can be given.   As you can imagine this is proving quite challenging for Mrs Bull and whilst Miss Irvine has a few regular helpers, there are none in Juniper.  Mrs Bull would welcome support in any areas for as long as you can spare – be it reading with the children, changing their books, helping with small group work, setting up activities, etc.
Ideally the times would be:
Mornings – Mon / Tues / Weds / Thurs mornings until 9.20
Afternoons – Mon / Tues / Thurs any time
Many thanks.
Cara Ibbotson
Parent Rep


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