Minute’s Silence

Dear Parents

Following the events in London this weekend we will be taking part in the national minute’s silence to remember those affected by the tragedy.

As with the minute’s silence following the Manchester attacks, I will speak to all KS2 children to sensitively explain the reasons why we will be holding the silence. We will hold the silence on the playground after playtime.  Year 2 children will have a conversation with their class teachers and also participate at 11am.

Further to guidance received after the Westminster attacks I have decided it is not appropriate for us to discuss the incidents with Year 1 or Reception children due their age and emotional maturity, also the fact a large number of these children will be unaware of the events and parents may wish to actively shield them from them. Please note I will also ask the older children not to discuss the events with Year 1 or Reception children.

Attached is the advice letter sent out earlier this year which you may find useful.

Kind regards

Mr Garner

Advice for parents- talking to children about acts of terror