Monday’s Assembly

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following our new PHSE scheme Jigsaw, I would like to give you some advance warning about the content of Monday’s assembly.  The theme of both assemblies will be about harmful substances and the effects they can have on the body. 

For KS1 I will be discussing medicine safety and being safe around harmful substances at home such as bleach etc.  In the KS2 assembly, I will be discussing the effects that tobacco, legal drugs (medicines, caffeine etc.), misuse of harmful substances (e.g. glue, aerosols, inhaling marker pens etc.) and alcohol has on the mind, liver, heart and lungs.

The content of the assembly will be targeted very much to the age group it is intended.  The children will be shown age appropriate images on screen and an array of real life items that they may come across outside school. 

As always we appreciate your support.

Kind regards,

Tracey Marshall

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