Ofsted & Performance Info

Ofsted is the official body for inspecting schools, and publishes reports of its findings.  If you would like to contact them you can find contact details at the bottom of this Ofsted link.

On 14th May 2019 OFSTED carried out an inspection at Burford School under Section 8 of the Children’s Act. A Section 8 inspection is a one day short inspection carried out by one inspector to determine whether or  not the school’s  status is to remain the same.  The inspection was carried out under the new OFSTED inspection framework (September 2015) and the Inspector’s finding is that ‘the school continues to be good’. The school will be subject for further inspection within four years of this date.  The full report can be accessed here: Burford School Ofsted Report May 2019

Key Stage 2 SATS results can be found on the link below:
Key Stage 2 SATs Results and Performance Tables

Performance data for all schools can be found on the Department for Education School Performance Website:

The following ‘progress’ link shows the percentage of pupils improving by two or more levels in reading, writing and maths between KS1 and KS2:


Parents’ and carers’ views:

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