Reading – Tips for Parents

Dear Burford Parents,

We need your help. We are creating a Reading Board in school with lots of information about reading, book recommendations, book quizzes and book reviews. We are also looking to display pictures of children and parents reading either at interesting locations or at home. If you would like your photo displayed on this board, please email the images to the office addressed to the reading team.

We want every child at Burford to develop a love of reading and practise reading as much as possible. Not only is reading fun, it forms the bedrock for all their learning for life. So to raise the profile and enjoyment of reading we will be adding a Home Reading Tip to the weekly newsletter and notices which we hope you read and share with your children.

Our Home Reading Tip for this week…

Spending 15 – 20 minutes three or four times a week reading at home doesn’t always need to be your child reading from a book. Keep it interesting by varying ‘bedtime reading’ – use the time to read to your child, let your child listen to audio books (Audible or Borrow Box app are great for this), let your child read alone if they want to, let them read aloud if they want to and always ask them what they think about what they’ve read at the end.

Encouraging your child just to share a thought about a book helps build their comprehension and analytical skills.

Mrs Puddephatt, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Barton

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