Reading Tips

Dear Parents,

All boys are different and have different interests and some boys love to read. However sometimes boys can struggle to find books that they really want to read. Their preference can be for non-fiction books or magazines, though often these texts can be more challenging than fiction books, with complicated subject specific vocabulary which can prove a barrier to their reading. If they find the text too difficult, it may stop them wanting to read altogether. We can help boys to read fiction by recommending some of the great texts that are out there, which cover themes that can appeal to boys.

Love Reading 4 Kids is a great website for recommending books for both boys and girls. If you are struggling to recommend a book to your son, their list of recommended books for boys come with mini reviews and pictures and covers a wonderful variety of texts for different age groups from under 5 to 13+.

Other tips for helping boys read include:

• Using shared time like dinner time to talk about the books they are reading
• Encouraging boys to think about how characters might be feeling (and helping them express their ideas) – ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio and ‘There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar are great places to start for this
• If there are words in the text that they don’t understand, tell them the meaning or look them up in a dictionary together
• When you are out together, ask them to describe things they see to you or create stories around things you see

Yours sincerely

Judy Puddephatt, Alex Andrews, Lauren Barton
Burford Reading Team