Reminder – Moving on to Year 1

Dear Parents

In Year 1 the children go up to the playground before school. Parents leave their children at the bottom of the slope and the children go up to the playground with their book bags, coats and lunch boxes. The playground is supervised from 8.30am and the whistle is blown at 8.40am. The children then walk down with their teacher.

After the half term break Reception children will also follow this routine to prepare them for the transition to Year 1. Two members of the Reception Team and some Year 6 helpers will be on hand at the bottom of the slope from 8.30am to take the children up to the playground. Please make sure that you arrive in good time and do not take children into the cloakroom.

On the first day back you may leave your child’s PE bag in the Reception garden so that they have less to carry up to the playground. On Forest School days please also drop their forest school bag off in the Reception garden, as it will be too much for the children to carry.

If it is raining the children can come into school from 8.30am either through the Reception garden or the door next to Year 1.

Thank you for your help and support.

The Reception Team