Reporting and Absence and Administration of Medication

Dear Parent/Carer

Please be advised/reminded that notification of all absences from school should be made to the school office either via the ‘report an absence’ option on the telephone or via email to Please also advise the school office if your child is not attending an after school club that they are signed up for.

In the case of an absence due to ill-health, please avoid using the term ‘unwell’ and give a brief description of the reason for absence such as sore throat, viral infection, headache etc. Please be reminded that for all cases of vomiting or diarrhoea, an absence from school of 48 hours from the last bout of either is required.

Please also be reminded that a member of staff can only administer antibiotics in school if the prescription label requires 4 doses a day (Public Health England and Bucks CC advise that 3 doses a day can be managed outside of school hours or a parent/carer can come into school to administer a dose if necessary). Antibiotics should be brought to the school office where a form will need to be completed. Pupils should not be keeping any medication in their bag or locker without the express permission of Mr Garner.

Yours sincerely

School Office