Start of the School Day

Dear Parents
I hope you have all enjoyed the summer holiday.  It has been great to get some relief from the heat at the end of term whilst enjoying a nice summer for a change.
School has been a buzz of activity with new gates, the nursery project and the new music room preparation.
At the end of last term I discussed the option of creating a ‘soft start’ to the beginning of the school day. For a range of reasons we would like to trial an alternative way of starting the school day.
The process for Reception will stay the same; the garden will be open and the doors to the classroom will open at 8.40am to allow the children to enter and start the day.
At the moment the children in Years 1-6 all go up the slope to the playground. From the start of this year:
• Years 1 & 2 children will enter via the Key Stage 1 door and the entrance to the Year 2 block from 8.35am.
• Year 3 will enter via the Year 3 cloakroom door from 8.35am.
• Years 4, 5 & 6 will go up the slope but straight to their locker area/classroom rather than onto the playground from 8.35am.
Mrs Marshall and I will both be by the slope and the Key Stage 1 door area to welcome the children in the morning from 8.30am.  Registers will close at 8:50am.
It is anticipated that the soft start will give us a more efficient start to the day allowing the children to settle quickly and start more effectively.
As at present, we request that it is only the children entering the school in this way. Should you need to speak to a member of staff or get them a message first thing in the morning, please speak to the school office, Mrs Marshall or myself as the teachers will be focussing on the start of the day.
We will be trialling this new start until half term when we will review its effectiveness and impact before making it a permanent change.
I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Mr Garner

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