The Burford Body

Dear Parents,

As we have entered the new term, children and staff have been introduced to the logo for our wellbeing initiative, ‘The Burford Body’, a copy of which is attached to this email. We think this ties together all the different strands that we have been working hard on over the last few years into one central and visual logo. The idea behind the Burford Body is that each part relates to an area of wellbeing and through their lessons, class teachers will be raising the children’s awareness of how to support the development of each area of the Body and what strategies and support can be given if one part requires some additional help.

I am sure that many of you have seen that the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people has become a huge priority with regular discussions within the media on the importance of both home and school environments working together to support children in these key areas. We hope you will join us in our new and exciting initiative and that this logo can be referred to at home. Our ultimate goal in our new wellbeing programme is for your children to be the happiest and best version of themselves with the understanding that these skills will support their physical and emotional wellbeing for the rest of their lives. Additionally, we want to ensure that the children have strategies in place to support them should they not be feeling their best. We look forward to sharing more information on our new initiative with you!

Best wishes,
Miss Barnes

Burford Body – Jan 19

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