Visits and Activities

Rather than asking parents for a series of small sums, Burford School has a fund to cover the costs of the various whole school, in-house activities that occur throughout the year, for example: Maths Day, French Day, Literacy Week, Science Day.  Therefore, we request, in September, a voluntary contribution per child, to cover these costs.  

Please note that if we do not receive a sufficient sum in voluntary contributions these visits will have to be cancelled since we could not cover the cost from the school funds.  In this instance, parents who had paid will be refunded.

In addition to in-house activities, there will be a number of trips throughout the year to enrich learning. Below is a list of trips with costings for each year group for last academic year.  This academic year proposed trips/costings will be added as soon as they have been confirmed.

Woolley Firs – Summer Term
China Workshop – Spring Term
Approximate Total Cost – £20

Year 1:
Hughenden Manor – Autumn Term
Synagogue Trip – Spring Term
Cotswold Wildlife Park – Summer Term

Approximate Total Cost – £40 Visits and Activities

Year 2:
Florence Nightingale Day – Autumn Term – Approximately £10
Story Museum Visit – Spring Term – Approximately £17
River and Rowing Museum – Summer Term – Approximately £15
Didgeridoo Day – Summer Term – Approximately £10

Year 3:
Roman Verulamium – Spring Term – Approximately £15
Natural History Museum – Summer Term – Approximately £15
Year 3 children will also be swimming, as required by the National Curriculum.   The approximate cost will be £60 per child for the term. 

Year 4:
Residential Visit to Ufton Court – November – TBC
Living Rainforest Visitors – Spring or Summer Term – Approximately £15
Neasden Mandir – Summer Term – Approximately £8 
Classical Spectacular – March – Approximately £15

Year 5:
Cinema Trip – Autumn Term – £3.50
Egyptian Day – November – Approximately £6.50
Woodrow House Residential – March – TBC
Victorian School at Gunnersbury Park – Spring Term – Approximately £20

Year 6:
Longridge – Spring Term – Approximately £15
Winchester Science Museum – Spring Term – £20
British Museum – Spring Term – Approximately £10
Kew Gardens – Summer Term – £15
PGL Osmington Bay – Summer Term – Approximately £500

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