Weekly Reading Tips – Stories from Other Cultures

Dear Parents,

At Burford, we celebrate our diversity in many different ways and reading is no exception.   

As mentioned previously, there are three keys to your child’s success in reading: their ability to decode words, their knowledge and understanding of vocabulary in books and their knowledge of the world around them.  Without building all three aspects, your child may find books difficult to access or understand and this will have a detrimental affect on their enthusiasm for and enjoyment of reading.  

A brand new book publisher, Knights Of, recently launched under the tagline of ‘We’re Making Books For Every Kid’ and they mark the perfect starting reference if you are seeking books for your child which expand their knowledge of the world around them by featuring characters from different cultural backgrounds.

We recently tipped a new fiction title called ‘The Boy At The Back Of The Class’ by Onjali Q. Rauf, which features a central character called Ahmet, who comes to the UK as a refugee.  The book so impressed Mrs Andrews in Year 5 that she added it to the Y5 reading texts this year (so please avoid reading it before Year 5!).  This book, with its central theme about the importance of kindness, was the recent winner of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2019 and has received 5 star reviews everywhere.

In addition to being great stories, books with a diverse range of characters offer windows into other cultures or life experiences and provide children with a deeper understanding of the world around them and issues which may be affecting people from different cultures or backgrounds.

Mrs Andrews also highly recommends ‘High Rise Mystery’ by Sharna Jackson, which is also one of the recommended reads by Knights Of this month.

For further book recommendations for all age groups, check out the website for Knights Of: http://knightsof.media/

Love Reading 4 Kids have also recommend books with diversity at their heart in a comprehensive list covering all age groups:


Many thanks,

Mrs Puddephatt, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Barton
The Burford Reading Team