Weekly Wellbeing Tip

Dear Parents,

March 20th marked the ‘International Day of Happiness’. This week’s tip is going to be in relation to how we can promote happiness amongst our children…

I think it’s important to note that children are not going to feel happy all of the time and that this is okay! I do a lot of work in my class through circles and discussions to show them that sometimes you are not going to feel 100% and that this is okay to accept and admit that. I encourage some of these small steps below. If we can incorporate these strategies into our daily life, they’ll eventually become habits and can really make a difference in improving our wellbeing…

– Take some time to think of a happy place that brings back happy memories and positive feelings
– Try and think of three ‘small’ things you’re grateful for (the smaller these things are, the better)
– If you can, get outside and get active (research says that people who move regularly and exercise are happier!)
– Make a ‘happy’ jar and include little notes of times when you were really happy. If you’re not feeling great, take out one of the notes to boost your mood and remind you of a happy time
– Do something kind for someone else. Often, making someone else happy can really make us feel good about ourselves
– Play some music you enjoy and dance around! You could even make a happy playlist full of your favourite songs to listen to when you’re not feeling your best
– Take deep breaths/meditation
– Talk about feelings and don’t shy away or avoid talking about negative feelings as sometimes just voicing and sharing these can help us to feel better

Whilst we want our children to be their happiest, we also want to equip them with strategies to help boost their mood when they’re not feeling their best.

As a side note, keep a look out for the yoga club email for Year 3/4 that will be coming out next week. I will be opening the club out to all within Year 3/4 for after Easter and this will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes,
Miss Barnes