Wellbeing Tip

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week’s wellbeing tip is surrounding mental health as next week marks Mental Health Awareness Week (13th-19th May).

As a school, we have plans to use this week to continue our discussions around mental health and make this the focus of our circle times. We also have plans to stop each day together, as a whole school, to have time for meditations and quiet time. You may have heard of the app, ‘Calm’ which has a whole library of guided meditations for adults and children which we have free access to as a school. The makers behind the app feel really passionate about encouraging the practice of meditation within children so that this can become a lifelong habit. They also want to support the wellbeing of teachers too and are offering the app free to any teacher for personal use as well as within the classroom.

Follow the link to find out more about their initiative within schools:


I really recommend giving the free trial a go at home and seeing whether it may work for you and your family.

Not everyone finds meditation and mindfulness particularly easy and like anything, it takes practice! Meditation does not have to be sitting still, breathing and listening to soft music. If this doesn’t work for your child, try something else such as deep breathing and focusing on counting, listening to a guided story on an app such as Calm, going on a walk and acknowledging the surroundings or trying mindfulness colouring.

Hope this is useful.

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes