Y2 Brickies Workshop

Dear Parents

Thank you to our Parent Reps for enquiring about support for a visit from an education group to teach the children about The Great Fire of London. Unfortunately, we have been unable to secure a booking as they have no available time slots.

As an alternative, we have invited “Brickies” to come in and run workshops as part of our work in Design Technology linked to our topic on The Great Fire of London. Using a time travelling scenario, we will travel back in time to build vehicles in order to escape the fire. This will take place on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

As the session takes place during school hours under the terms of the 2002 Education reform act no charge can be made by the school for the session. We therefore invite you to make a voluntary contribution via ‘SchoolMoney’ of £5.00 to cover the costs. All children will be able to take part in the session, regardless of whether parents have been able to make a contribution.  However, if we do not receive sufficient sum in the voluntary contributions, the event will have to be cancelled since we could not cover the cost from the school funds.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Martin, Mrs Hughes and Miss Barnes


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