Y2 Toilets

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately we are having some issues in Year 2 when the children are going to the toilet. Many of the children are not flushing the chain and we are noticing an increasing number of children either not washing their hands at all or not doing this properly. We are also having numerous incidents where children are having accidents on the floor.

Despite numerous conversations with the children we are still finding this to be a problem. Not only does this pose issues of poor hygiene/the spreading of germs but it is also causing the Year 2 block to develop a very unpleasant smell making the Year 2 intervention space in the cloakroom not an appealing place to work! Having had the floor replaced in the toilets, we now know this is simply down to some of the children not using the facilities correctly. May we kindly ask that you have a chat with your child about the importance of flushing the chain and washing their hands properly to support the discussions we have been having in school.

We really appreciate your help with this.

Best wishes,

Year 2 Teachers