Dear Parents,

Near to the end of this term, children in Year 5 are taught sex, relationship education (SRE).  The session for Year 5 will take place on Friday 20th July and for this, the children are split into boys and girls. The areas that are covered are broken down as follows:

Year 5

Girls – Puberty and bodily changes, hygiene and periods – with Mrs Hodgson and Miss Irvine.

Boys – Puberty and bodily changes, hygiene – with Mr Garner.

The subject will be taught through a series of videos, worksheets and real life products (such as deodorants, face wash, etc). We also have sample boxes that we have been sent by a supplier for each girl to take home.

If you would like to view some of the material, the Year 5 links specifically shown to girls are:




If you would like to view some of the material, the Year 5 links specifically shown to boys are:



Information about what will be covered in Year 6 will be sent out next year, but will most likely cover the following:

Girls – understanding the menstrual cycle in more detail.

Boys – understanding how and why sperm are made by males from puberty onwards.

Both – The function of different parts of the female and male reproductive systems (factual), how a baby is made.

The children will naturally have many questions during these sessions and opportunities will be given to ask questions, no matter how big or small, during class discussions. They are also likely to have additional questions that they want to ask at home to understand more.

If you have any queries about this work, then please pop in to see us.  Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Higgins, Miss Irvine and Mrs Hodgson


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