Y6 Assessments

Dear Y6 Parents,

A few parents have asked about the scaled scores and raw scores given on the results sheets you were sent yesterday.  

In writing, based on your child’s writing throughout the course of the year, Miss Doncow and I have graded your child either as working below standard, towards standard, at standard or at above expected standard.  In science, we can only either grade your child as working at standard or has not met standard.

In reading, grammar/spelling and maths, the papers which your child sat in May, the KS2 test information you have been given contains a raw score (in reading, this is out of 50 total marks; in grammar and spelling, this is out of 70 total marks, 50 for grammar and 20 for spelling; in maths, this is out of 110 total marks across all three maths papers) and their scaled score.  If you child achieved a scaled score of 100 or above, they are working at expected standard.  If they achieved a scaled score of 110 or above, they are working above the expected standard.  The highest scaled score the Standard Testing Agency will award is 120.  This is for children who dropped very few marks in their papers.  Your information sheet will mark any scaled score of 100 or above as meeting standard, it will not say whether they are working at above expected standard.

We are very proud of the achievements of the Y6 children in their End Of KS2 assessments this year and very proud of the effort that they put into achieving these results throughout the year.  We would like to thank you all for supporting and guiding your child both academically and emotionally through this challenging year.

If you have any other questions, please let Miss Doncow or myself know.

Best wishes,

Judy Puddephatt

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