Year 2 Choir Info Summer 2019

Dear Year 2 Choir Parents,                      

The Summer Term is always a busy one and there are 2 main Choir events for the children coming up ….

Saturday 11th May: Burford Summer Fayre – KS2 and Year 2 choir children will be singing together for about 10 minutes. Start time is 12 o’clock, so please be near the main arena by 11.55pm. I appreciate that not all choir members will be available to perform on this day because of prior commitments but it will be the children’s first opportunity to sing as part of Burford Choir so please try to attend if at all possible.

For the Summer Fayre children should wear mufti clothes. We will be performing on the playground so please ensure children wear coats if it’s a rainy day! Singing outside in any weather is always difficult because the children’s sound disappears into the atmosphere but I know that everyone will be singing their hearts out so hopefully a little bit of the sound will travel in your direction! (If you get a chance to practice the words to ‘Dancing in the street’ then I would really appreciate it as rehearsal time is so short!)

Thursday 20th June: Summer Music Concert 7pm – This is our main music event of the school year, and Burford Choir will be singing in both halves of the concert. I would expect full attendance of all KS2 and Yr2 choir members at this event.

The children will need to wear school uniform and look smart! No jumpers or cardigans should be worn as the hall gets very hot!

Tickets for parents can be ordered via a separate letter coming out from the school office (maximum 2 tickets per family).

The Summer Music Concert is a special evening for Year 2 choir members as it’s a great opportunity to be part of a ‘proper’ music concert, and will give the children vital experience of performing late at night in front of a large adult audience. This is an important stepping stone towards performing in larger, unfamiliar venues in Key Stage 2, and so if your child is serious about continuing to sing in Burford Choir next year then it is really important that they attend (and enjoy performing at) our school Summer Music Concert. The concert will end about 9.30pm, and Year 2 teachers are aware that they may have tired class members the following day!  

I will assume that all Year 2 choir members are attending but if your child is not going to be performing on Thursday 20th June then please let me know immediately by dropping a note in the choir postbox (on the wall to your right, just inside the Music building entrance).

Many thanks for all your support,

Emma Legassick