Year 3 Christmas Party

Dear Parents
The Year 3 Christmas party will be in the afternoon of Tuesday 18th December. As in previous years, your child can bring in their party clothes to wear for the afternoon.
Please send these clothes in a named carrier bag.
To make the Christmas party feel really festive, could we also please ask you to send in a small amount of food for the children to enjoy:
Beech: savoury food (e.g. sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, cheese squares, pizza slices)
Cedar: sweet food and fruit (e.g. grapes, cucumber, carrot batons, cherry tomatoes, cakes, biscuits – no sweets please)
As some of our children and staff are allergic to nuts, please ensure that the food you send in contains no nuts. (Please check the list of ingredients on the back of the packets if you are buying things and ensure there are no nuts around if you are making things). Your child will need to bring their lunch as normal but perhaps a slightly smaller one so they have room for their afternoon party food.
Many thanks.
Year 3 Team

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