Year 3 – Sir Teachalot

Dear Parents,

The history topic we will be covering next term will be the Romans! In order to support the children’s learning, we have organised for ‘Sir Teachalot’ to come into school on the 23rd January 2019. ‘Sir Teachalot’ is a former Teacher who specialises in Ancient History and delivers a full day of workshops as a soldier from Ancient Rome. He will help teach the children about life in the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. through the use of artefacts and storytelling.

To make the day as engaging and fun as possible we are inviting the children to come to school dressed as a Roman. This could be a soldier, an emperor or just a simple tunic.

Topics include: life in the legions, gladiators, the emperors, the Boudican Revolt, life in Rome, the last days of Pompeii. Children will dress in armour, drill to commands in Latin and learn first-hand about the Roman invasion of Britain.

All children will be able to take part in these activities regardless of whether parent(s) have been able to make a contribution. However, if we do not receive a sufficient sum in voluntary contributions the visit will have to be cancelled since we are unable to cover the cost from the school funds. We therefore invite you to make a voluntary contribution, via School Money, of £11.00 to cover the cost.

We are looking forward to an exciting day!

Yours sincerely

Year 3 Team


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