Year 3 Swimming 2019

Dear Parents

Next term all children in Year 3 will have swimming lessons for 12 weeks, which will take place at Handy Cross Swimming Pool on Thursday mornings. The first date will be Thursday 10th January and the last date is Thursday 4th April.

The children will need to bring to school their swimsuits, towels and hats in a suitable bag (the pool requires compulsory wearing of hats for all children). Trunks must be tight fitting and not baggy as the instructors need to clearly see the children’s legs moving. Girls need to wear a swimsuit and not a bikini. It would help if the girls could come to school in their swimsuit that morning (but please don’t forget to pack their underwear). In addition, please ensure your child’s name is written in permanent marker on the swimming hat so is large and clearly visible for the instructor to see who they are teaching. We recommend providing a hat for wear after swimming to keep your child’s damp hair and head warm. If your child requires goggles for swimming, please ensure they are in their bag every week. Jewellery is not permitted. Earrings should be removed prior to coming to school as they cannot be worn or covered by tape for swimming. Long hair must be tied back. It would also be preferable if girls did not wear tights on swimming days for ease when dressing.

Each session lasts half an hour, providing opportunities for the children to become competent swimmers as well as gain lifesaving skills. They will have 2 qualified Swimming Instructors alongside a Class Teacher who also has a swimming qualification. They will also be joined by a TA. There will be a lifeguard on duty at all times and a first aider on site.

Children will be assessed and split into different ability groups to ensure they get the most out of their swimming lessons. In addition to it being a requirement of the National Curriculum, school swimming lessons also provide extensive health benefits, can improve a child’s confidence and is a fully inclusive activity. School swimming lessons also teach essential life-saving skills and knowledge regarding water safety.

The following communication is from Mandy Carey, Bucks Swimming Consultant at Bucks County Council:

‘Swimming lessons within the National Curriculum are Statutory but swimming is about so much more than this – it is in fact, the only National Curriculum that could save your life (hence the Personal Survival elements). It is also about pupils working together, as they would in PE, to solve team challenges and other aquatic challenges. The expectations are that MOST pupils will be able to:

• Swim between 50 and 100 metres and keep swimming for 45 to 90 seconds; use three different strokes, swimming on their front and back.
• Control their breathing; swim confidently and fluently on the surface and under water.
• Work well in groups to solve specific problems and challenges, including Personal Survival, sharing out the work fairly.
• Recognise how swimming affects their body, and pace their efforts to meet different challenges.
• Suggest activities and practices to help improve their own performance.

There is no set number of lessons that schools must swim for, as it is recognised that there are so many factors to consider. Some schools swim for the year in both Year 3 and 4 (good practice); some only in Year 3 or 4; some only for 12-16 lessons (a term). It will also depend on the duration of the lessons.’

Swimming is a very important part of the school’s curriculum, but the costs associated with this particular activity are high. As these lessons take place within school hours, then under the terms of the 2002 Education Reform Act no charge can be made by the school. However, in order to maintain the present level of provision for swimming we are asking parents to make a voluntary contribution of £48.73 (the total cost divided by 62 children).

The breakdown costs is as follows:
£13.40 x 2 Teachers x 2 sessions x 12 weeks = £643.20
£1.10 per child per lesson = £818.42
Coach x 12 weeks = £1560
Total = £3021.62 / 62 children = £48.73 per child

Please note, the Class Teacher is an additional swimming Teacher free of charge. Please pay on line via SchoolMoney. Payment assumes consent.

Yours sincerely

Mr Ian Garner