Year 3 Trip Tomorrow

Dear Parents,

We are really looking forward to our trip tomorrow! This is just a polite reminder on the details of our trip to the Neasden Mandir, but please note 14 parents have yet to login to Parent Pay to pay for this trip. This acts as permission also so without it your child will not be allowed to attend.

  1. Please ensure you have given permission for the trip via our school booking system. If we do not receive permission from you, your child will not be able to join us on the trip.
  2. The children do not need their large school bags on the day. They just need a smaller bag to carry drinks and their lunch. Large rucksacks and bags will not be permitted into the temple.
  3. Please ensure all children are wearing their Burford School jumper into school as a strict dress code operates within the complex. Leg-wear must be at least below knee-length so girls may wear leggings under their dresses.
  4. Please pay close attention to the food restrictions. We understand this may be a challenge but appreciate your support with this. If a child’s lunch does not adhere to these rules, they will not be able to eat their lunch until they have returned to school. We have been given permission to eat indoors in a designated area of the temple. However, there are strict food restrictions and in order to respect these, please ensure that packed lunches do not contain meat, fish, nuts, onions, garlic, eggs or any kind of animal products. We realise this is quite restrictive but there is no other option available to us and we would appreciate your support regarding this.  (Sandwiches could be made with marmite, humous, salad, banana or quorn products.  Children could bring pasta with a tomato sauce.)

Many thanks for your support.

Best wishes,

Miss Barnes and Mr Farina

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