Year 6 Assessment Gradings

Dear Parents,

This week you were emailed your child’s End Of Year Report along with their attendance for the year and their End Of KS2 SATs scores.

The letter containing their SATs scores may be a little confusing and appear to contradict the information on their reports.  To explain the assessment procedure, I have broken down an explanation of the SATs scores below.

In reading, maths, writing and science, class teachers will submit their teacher assessment gradings in June, prior to the SATs results being published.   In reading, maths and science, we are permitted to give your child a grading of ‘Working At Standard’ or ‘Has Not Met Standard’.  In writing, we are permitted to grade your child’s writing as ‘Working At Greater Depth’, ‘Achieved Standard’, ‘Working Towards Expected Standard or ‘Pre-Key Stage Standard’.  These gradings are available to us for writing only.

The above gradings are the first part of your SATs scores report.  They may differ from the gradings the child receives further down the letter as your child may have been very close to achieving standard on their SATs test but missed the pass mark by a few marks.  Teacher assessment gradings are based on your child’s classroom performance coupled with ongoing tests they have completed throughout the year whereas their SATs gradings are the score they got in their SATs papers only.

With your child’s SATs scores, further down your letter, your child will have been graded according to their SATs score as follows:

Less than 100 scaled score – Not Achieved Standard

100 – 110 scaled score – Achieved Standard

110 or above scaled score – Greater Depth of Achieved Standard

Greater depth is not specified on your letter, only that a standardised score of 100 would constitute achieving standard.  A score of 120 is the highest achievable standardised score. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your class teacher.

We are immensely proud of how hard your children have worked this year and how successful they have been.

They deserve their long summer break.

Best wishes,

Judy Puddephatt and Charlotte Babes


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