Young Voices Snow Decision Update

I can fully appreciate everyone’s questions about whether the choir trip is going ahead tomorrow or not! The choir children are desperately hoping for no snow tonight so that the trip can proceed!!

No decision can be made until tomorrow morning until we see just how much snow arrives overnight and how it impacts on all aspects of our trip.

If there is significant snow, then the normal protocol will be followed with regards to whether Burford School is open or not.

School does not necessarily have to be open for the choir trip to go ahead, but a lot of information has to be obtained before we can make an informed decision about whether it is safe to travel to the O2:
Firstly, we have to wait for Young Voices to decide about whether the concert will go ahead. You are welcome to check their website for the information:
Secondly, we have to confirm that the coaches are running and the drivers are happy to travel to the O2 and wait until the end of the concert to make the return journey.
Thirdly, we have to ensure that sufficient choir staff can get to school (and most of them don’t live in Marlow).

We also have to think of parents travelling to the O2, and ensure that we can all return safely later in the evening.

We would hope to let everyone know our final decision about the trip by 10.30am. If we feel that conditions will improve in the afternoon, and everything else is in place, then we may delay our departure – but we will let you know what is happening by text messages from Mr Garner.

Hopefully see you all tomorrow!

Miss Legassick