Young Voices Tomorrow

Dear Choir Parents

Please read the following information carefully that we have just received from Young Voices. Please read to the end of the email to see if you can help.

We have managed to reseat your school on the 5th February here at the O2. please find below a brief explanation of the new process for collection of parent tickets and seating of your choir on the day:
• Upon arrival please report straight to our check in desk inside Door B where a member of YV staff will give you your new seating allocation or inform you of where to go and what to do once you have checked in.
• Please tell all your parents to bring their old tickets to the O2 box office (located outside the tent on the left of the entrance) where their tickets will be swapped for a ticket allowing them access to that evening’s concert.
• Please also warn your parents that there is likely to be a queue here and for them to arrive as early as possible as we have nearly 800 tickets to change.
• Tickets for the previous concert will not be allowed to be used at the entrance and must be swapped for new tickets.


Further information on any changes to the egress and the process on the day will be available on check-in.

Please help us to help you to make this process as easy as possible and pass on this information to your parents.

Many thanks,

The YV Team.

So, bearing this information in mind…
I am aware that some families went to the O2 on Friday evening and will therefore need to purchase a new ticket if they intend coming tomorrow night.
We also have several families who are unable to use their tickets tomorrow. If you know you are unable to make use of your tickets, if possible please bring them with you at 3pm today (or as soon as possible after school) and meet me in the music room.
If you are a parent who needs to buy a ticket, please bring cash / cheque to pay the parent providing you with a ticket.
I cannot guarantee that there will be anywhere near enough tickets returned at 3pm to meet the demand from other parents, but I thought it is worth seeing if we can help each other out in this way before you need to contact the O2 box office to see if they can help further.
Emma Legassick