Young Voices – Tuesday

Dear Choir Parents,

We delighted to inform you that Miss Legassick has been able to secure us the opportunity to sing in the Young Voices choir on Tuesday 5th February.  If your child is NOT able to attend on Tuesday please let Miss Legassick know by text ASAP on 07950427721. (Please bear in mind this is Miss Legassick’s personal mobile and should not be used for any other purpose). If Miss Legassick does not hear from you we will assume your child has permission transferred from Friday’s planned visit.

It is likely we will be in several boxes for the event and parents will not be in the original seats they have been allocated – we cannot confirm any details of parents’ seats at this point in time beyond the fact Young Voices have guaranteed there will be enough seats available for Burford parents. We hope to be able to provide you with more details on Monday but Miss Legassick will not have any additional information on seating for parents over the weekend. Please note that should you not be able to take up your ticket allocation unfortunately no refund will be available, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please do not contact Young Voices at this point in time. I am aware a number of Burford parents have attempted to call today despite it being clear on the website that all contact should be via email; we have understandably taken responsibility for informing Young Voices of our predicament.  Young Voices cannot be held responsible for the weather or individual schools inability to attend due to unforeseen/ unavoidable circumstances.

Kind regards,

Mr Garner