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Art Curriculum


  Autumn Spring Summer
Reception   Apple/Hand printingAutumn wood sculpturesPaintingRepresentational drawing – people Clay jungle animals (Elmer)Collage (Elmer)Drawing (Elmer)Colour Mixing (Elmer)


Making & Painting sunflowers

Printing (Jack & Beanstalk)

Wax Resist (Owl & Pussy Cat)

Teddies:Clay Porridge BowlsPainting Bears/GoldilocksMini-Beasts:



Clay Mini-Beasts

Snail Collages – Matisse

Observational Drawings

Year 1 Self PortraitLooking at artists’ work (Picasso & Arcimboldo)Using oil pastels, pencil drawing, painting, mixed media, collage SculptureLooking at artist’s work (Andy Goldsworthy)Using clay and natural materials (twigs, leaves, stones) Investigating MaterialsLooking at artist’s work (Janet Bolton)Using appliqué, weaving, sewing, felt, cutting, sticking, collage
Year 2    Picture ThisExploring a range of starting points for practical work [for example, themselves, their experiences, stories, natural and made objects and the local environment] Aboriginal Art Mother Nature DesignerLooking at artist’s work (Matisse) observation drawing, clay modelling LINKED WITH TRIP
Year 3   Stone Age Jewellery Mexican ArtOjo De Dios weaving Investigating Pattern
Year 4  



Viking banners Rainforest CreaturesCreating a 3D sculpture using wire and tissue paper. Mayan Art
Year 5    Egypt – Canopic Jars and Portrait WW2 Watercolour landscapes.ContainersVarious artistsUsing clay to make a coil pot.



Objects and meanings.Still life drawing with various mediums.
Year 6   People in Action(Picasso-collage)(Miro-mixed media) sketching figures, oil, pastel faces,LINK WITH KEW GARDENS TRIP What a performance(Aboriginal art)(Philip Treacy) fashion costumes 1950-2012 LINK TO HISTORYFabric designs collage/sculptures, make hats ICT LINK A sense of place(Klee) watercolours, colour wheel (Van Gogh & impressionists) charcoal, paint, pastels – perspective