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Choir - Young Voices at home

Young Voices Concerts

Hi lovely choir members!


I'm missing you lots and hope you are able to spend a few minutes each day singing! It's soooooo good for you!


Young Voices are working hard to help you improve your singing whilst you're at home, so when you have a bit of spare time, have a look at the videos and sing along. If you've sung at a Young Voices concert before then I'm sure you'll recognise most of the faces and names, and if you don't recognise anyone then give them a try because they're all great musicians! (Well... maybe not Andy!)


Start at the bottom of the page. Newest videos are added to the top!


Have fun, 

Love Miss L x

Elevenses with David Lawrence 25th June 2020

Meet our Principal Conductor David Lawrence and learn new songs and warm ups and get ready for a good old sing! #YVatHome

Ruti's YV Story

After giving us all goosebumps with her performances at YV2020 we are super excited to tell you that Ruti will be returning for our 25th celebrations.

Elevenses with Andy 11th June 2020

Join Andy live on Facebook for another energy packed instalment of dance, motivation and positivity.

Elevenses with Natalie Williams

Meet Natalie Williams - guest YV artist and singer extraordinaire! After some fun warm ups learn the song she wrote for Young Voices - 'Extraordinary'.

Meet the Band - Elevenses with Carl Stanbridge

Meet the YV Band bass player - Carl Stanbridge as he takes you on a tour of all things bass! A great and fun introduction to the instrument and all it can do!

Elevenses with Craig 7th May 2020

Sing silly warm ups and Larger Than Life with our Musical Director Craig McLeish

Elevenses with Andy Instone 30th April 2020

Meet Young Voices Creative Director Andy Instone for a session of dance moves and positivity! Get your groove on...

Elevenses with David Lawrence Featuring Sharlene Hector

Join our Principle Conductor David Lawrence for an interactive singing workshop and meet our special guest artist Sharlene Hector from Basement Jaxx.

Elevenses with The Beatbox Collective 21st April

The Beatbox Collective invite the whole family to join for The Beatbox Experience. A 1 hour all inclusive workshop and look into the world of beatboxing.

Singalong with Tom Billington 20th April

Another fabulous chance to sing along with Tom Billington both on Facebook live and on Zoom! Travel through the decades and discover music from the 60s through to today!

YV Waka Waka Show with Randolph Matthews 17th April

Meet Randolph Matthews - one of our Young Voices special guests over the years. Learn to beatbox, hear stories and more in this very special interactive epis...

Elevenses with Craig 16th April

Sing along with Craig McLeish - YV's Musical Director. Fun vocal warm ups and a sing along from his home!

Get Loud lyrics

Elevenses with The Beatbox Collective 10th April

Meet Bass6 from The Beatbox Collective for some interactive beatboxing. Discover your inner voice and join in with all the family - for all info on workshops...

Elevenses with Andy 9th April

Meet YV Creative Director Andy Instone for a jam packed session of movement and motivation.

Elevenses with Ruti (She Couldn't Do This Without You)! 7th April

Meet Ruti live and have fun with vocal warm ups and then learn to sing her song 'I Couldn't Do This Without You'.

I couldn't do this without you lyrics

Elevenses with David Lawrence 2nd April

Join the Young Voices Principal Conductor David Lawrence for a session of vocal warm ups and learn to sing a YV favourite - 'Power in Me' by Rebecca Lawrence

YV at Home - Meet the Band - Tim Oliver 1st April

Meet Tim our amazing Synth player in the YV band and see what he can do with his synths - something you might recognise!

Sing Along with Hyper Tom 30th March

A fun sing along with Tom Billington for all the family.

Elevenses with Craig McLeish 26th March

Our first YV at Home Live broadcast - sing along with Craig. You can print out the lyrics for Singing Together in the document under the video.

Singing Together lyrics