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Coronavirus (COVID 19) catch-up premium

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Catch-up Premium

The Department of Education in November 2020 announced a Covid 19 catch-up premium for schools that qualify to close the gap in children’s learning as a result of the National Lockdown in March 2020.

Burford School has been allocated a nominal amount of catch-up funding to support pupils’ learning.  Details of how the funds are intended to be spent and the anticipated impact of the funding on closing essential gaps in pupils’ learning are detailed below:


Intended spend and implementation

Following baseline assessments in September 2020, children with significant gaps in their core subjects were identified.  The children with the most significant gaps in their learning are participating in interventions which are planned for, delivered and assessed by qualified teachers or Higher Learning Teaching Assistants across the school.  In the case of another National Lockdown, reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that these interventions continue remotely.


Anticipated impact of the catch-up funding

The children’s progress is tracked weekly and reviewed every half term to assess their progress.  This information informs whether; a) the child needs to remain in the intervention group to consolidate their learning, or b) the intervention is no longer needed, therefore freeing a space for another vulnerable learner.

Termly assessments, as per our whole school assessment policy, should also reflect an accelerated impact on pupils’ learning for those who are/have been attending catch-up interventions.