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Sofia's imaginary world is Candy Land!

A lovely setting description from Samuel M on a scene from Journey

Chloe's story 'The Mean Crab' is a brilliant read!

Thank you for sharing your writing with us Leni :)

Jessica H has got a super idea for an adventure story!

I enjoyed reading Rosa's thoughts on the book 'Journey'

Super shoe design by Jessica H

Amelie P, Dylan, Gladys, Jessica, Theo, Max, Rosa and Sofia all loved writing their own version of 'Caterpillar Shoes'!

Amelie made a secret fairy door inspired by our Journey story...

Alyssia and her explosive potion!

The start of Bonnie's story...we're looking forward to finding out what happens!

Castiel has done some great writing!

Imogen K.'s beautiful shoe design and description - well done!

Oliver has done lots of great work about The Caterpillar's Shoes!

Poppy's Spider and Caterpillar Descriptions

Samuel M's half-term recount

Super 2A phrases by Samuel M!

A great shoe design by Maddy

Jess's Caterpillar Shoes!

Grace's Caterpillar Shoes!

Amy tells us all about her half term!

Poppy's recount of the half term - well done!

Oliver's potion and wombat fact-file - well done!

Jude's Birthday!

Jessica found out lots of information about koalas and wombats!

Rosa said she really enjoyed writing her poem on staying at home :)

Leni's recount of her fun day in the garden!

A lovely, reflective poem from Jess H on her time at home

Castiel's research and writing - well done!

Bonnie's research and writing - well done Bonnie!

Poppy's version of 'And the People Stayed at Home'

Maddy's acrostic poem about wombats :)

Super koala facts from Samuel M

Maddy enjoyed learning about cassowarys...

So proud of Maddy's potion writing!

Jessica H Wombat Fact File

Elise the potion master!

Esme enjoyed potion making!

Lottie's Fact-File - lots of interesting facts about wombats!

Poppy's Wombat Fact-File! Well done!

Imogen K's Brilliant Acrostic Poem

Jessica J wrote a great fact-file with lots of interesting facts about wombats - well done!

Holly's Wonderful Wombat Poem

Poppy's Final Potion Recipe Well done!

Very proud of Samuel M's super grammar work!

A truth potion sounds interesting - thank you for sharing it with us Sofia!

Olivia H's explosive potion!

Rosa has been writing her own stories - what a beautiful piece of work!

Love the picture that goes with your potion Olivia H :)

Max's magical potion! Super use of commas in a list.

Thank you for sharing your potion with us Leni :)

Goggles were needed for Maddy's potion - safety first!

Joe's potion will turn you into a cat!

Brooke's lost poster for Pandora's Box! Can you help her find it?

Super potion writing Amelie P!

Caspian's potion writing - well done!

Willow's Invisibility Potion - Well done Willow!

Declan's Magical Potion! Well done!

Bonnie's Sleeping Potion! Well done!

Delilah's fizzy 'Make Your Sister Less Annoying' potion! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Lottie's potion recipe and the potion itself!

Thank you for sharing your potion recipe Amy!

Jessica J's Final Potion Recipe - Well done!

Imogen K's Final Potion Recipe - Well done!

Khushi's potion to make people explode!

Imogen K's (very fizzy) Happy Potion!

Amy's Potion!

Ava's Potion!

Castiel's Invincibility Potion - so potent, goggles were needed!

Grace's Exploding Potion!

Jessica J's Sizzling Potion!

Jude's magical potion to make you famous!

Poppy's potion to make your feet go green!

Thank you for sharing your brilliant writing Holly. Well done!

Fantastic writing from Jessica J. Well done - keep up the great work!

Keep up the great work Samuel M!

A lovely design for Pandora's Box from Leni

Super 'Lost' poster Rosa!

Thanks for sharing your 'Lost' poster Sofia :)

Dylan D's Box of Life!

Beautifully designed Pandora's Box from Esme

Dylan L has shared his stories and spelling activities with us. Thank you Dylan!

Oliver tells us all about his Easter in his great recount - well done!

Maddy's comic strip tells us all about her lettuce growing!

Dylan D tells us about his new furry arrival!

A detailed description of an imaginary world by Amelie P - super work!

Bonnie's Easter Recount and Imaginary World

Easter recount by Gladys :)

Apostrophe practice from Amelie S!

A super Easter recount from Lucas!

Thank you Jess H for sharing your recount!

Caspian's tips to keep busy!

Henry G's Brilliant Bike Comic

Creative Writing and Comic Strip from Khushi

The Land of Topsy Turvy and a recount from Lottie

Willow's recount of her birthday!

Castiel tells us all about 'Wet Monday'