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Friday 26th June 2020

Time 4 - Solving problems on duration of time

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Visit the Topmarks website (link below) and complete at least one 'Daily 10 Mental Maths Challenge'.  Choose a level (level 4 includes activities suitable for Year 4) and select a topic you would like to practice from the drop down list.  Write your answers into your blue squared notebook.  You can check them once you have finished using the answers provided at the end of the activity.


Spend about 10 minutes on your fluency.

Time 4 - Solving problems on duration of time


Watch the video and look at the text book pages for Time, Lesson 4.  Follow the instructions given for completing the practice questions in your blue squared notebook.  


Then, complete the work book pages for this chapter (link below).  You do not have these workbook pages at home with you.  You can write your answers straight into your blue squared notebook or print the pages from the attached file and work on the sheets.  You can check your work using the answers provided.



When  you have finished and checked today's workbook pages, you could have a go at the challenge.