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Year Group

Topic 1


Topic 2



(as a starter)


Year 1  Marlow   BottomBuilding on work in ReceptionFieldwork:


MB walk


Katie Morag – Isle of Struay / Coll 

7 continents and 5 oceans of the world

Daily weather
Year 2  Map work:


  • Recognise landmarks
  • Devise and draw maps and describe routes
  • Use symbols
  • Use compass directions



Coober Pedy (Australia – non European country) Comparisonwith Marlow Bottom



Woods to compare with Coober Pedy


Hot & Cold Places

Name, locate and identify characteristics of 4 countries of UK and surrounding seas

Year 3  MexicoIncluding:


  • land use
  • economics
  • type of settlement
  • natural resources 
 Volcanoes &   EarthquakesUse   examples from America   and / or Europe.Practical   work:


  • volcano models

 Countries of   N America



  • Map work
  • Photos including aerial




Year 4  RiversFocus on   EuropePractical   work:


  • river erosion
  • making rivers in the woods

Could do water cycle if you want

 RainforestThe   AmazonField trip:


Living Rainforest



1 lesson on Longitude and Latitude (including Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn)

 Countries of   Europe

  • Map work
  • Photos including aerial
  • 4 figure grid references


Year 5  MountainsNorth and South AmericaComparison



  • land use
  • climates
  • economic activity
  • natural resources



 Counties of   UK

  • Map work
  • Photos including aerial
  • 6 figure grid references


Year 6  CoastsIncluding:


  • land use
  • natural resources
  • erosion
  • tourism


Field trip:

Year 6 residential

 Comparison of 3 regions (1 in UK, 1 in Europe and 1 in America)Including:


  • land use
  • climates
  • economic activity
  • trade links
  • natural resources



 Major cities of  UK


  • Map work
  • Photos including aerial
  • 6 figure grid references