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Gift of Opportunity

Welcome to Burford’s Gift of Opportunity


Burford School invites you to support the development of the school’s facilities and to support our children in enjoying, achieving and succeeding during their time at Burford.


Unrestricted gifts (gifts not donated to a specific project) are very important as they provide the school with the flexibility to use the philanthropic support we receive where it is needed most.  The headteacher and the governors will ensure your gift will provide the maximum benefit to the pupils of Burford.  With your help, your support will be used where it is needed most.


Questions & Answers


What is the Opportunity Fund


The Opportunity Fund runs every academic year to raise income for projects of immediate need around the school.  The projects funded will enhance and broaden the educational experience of the pupils at Burford


Why does Burford need to raise funds?


In order to meet the ambitions of the school to maintain an outstanding education and to build an equivalent environment for all pupils of Burford to enjoy during their time here, donations are needed as state funding meets only the minimum requirements.


Who supports the Opportunity Fund?


We accept support from anyone: parents, carers, grandparents, Alumni, governors, trusts and companies.  Therefore, we look to the Burford community to invest in the future of our pupils.  All support is greatly appreciated – no matter what the size of the gift.  Together we can make a huge difference.


How can I support?


You can choose either to give a one off donation or make a regular donation. We currently accept cheques and standing orders. Please complete the donation form attached.

Please find below the presentation from the meeting held by the Governors in June 2016 updating parents.