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wc/ 8th June Learning for the weeks you are at home

Weekly timetable when bubble is working from home

Working from home

This is the work we have set for you for this week.  In the above folders, you will find Morning Work and Project Work.  This is your main activity work for the day.  Morning work will continue much as it has done during lockdown with the following routine:


Monday - PSHE

Tuesday - DERICS for reading

Wednesday - Reading Comprehension

Thursday - CGP Grammar Book 2

Friday - Marking English and maths homework


We have added a Thunk every morning to the morning work slides.  These are thought-provoking questions where there is no right or wrong answer and are great for getting your brain in gear in the morning and for allowing you free thought - to form your own opinions and know that there is no judgement at the end of it.  They are great for teaching us that everyone has their own ideas and opinions and everyone's ideas are as valuable as the next person.


The Project work allows you to create your own path through the work.  You have a choice of activities.  We have listened to parents and some of those activities are encouraging you to get out of the house where possible.  We hope you enjoy your new project work.


Mrs P & Miss Doncow