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Tuesday 24th March

Practise TTRockstars.

Look through the Textbook Lesson 14 (we already worked through this last week).

Answer the questions in your workbook and then have a go at the mind workout.

Mark your work using the answer sheets.


Wednesday 25th March

Practise TTRockstars.

Complete Review 7 in your workbook.

When you've finished, mark your work and make sure you understand any corrections you need to make.

Thursday 26th March

Practise TTRockstars.

Read through the Area and Perimeter helpsheet.

Read and answer the Area and Perimeter Lesson 1 Textbook questions.

Complete the workbook questions and mark them.

Friday 27th March

Practise Hit the Button. 

Maths homework book S2 Test 9.

Mark and correct your work.