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Monday 6th July 2020

Time 5 - Changing time in years to months and weeks to days

Still image for this video



Complete the attached activity sheet, which includes questions from a mixture of topic areas.  You can print out the worksheet or write your answers straight into your blue squared notebook.  Check your work when you are finished using the link below. 


Spend about 10 minutes on your fluency.

Time 5 - Changing years to months and weeks to days


Watch the video and look at the text book pages for Time, Lesson 5.  Follow the instructions given for completing the practice questions in your blue squared notebook.  


Then, complete the work book pages for this chapter (link below).  You do not have these workbook pages at home with you.  You can write your answers straight into your blue squared notebook or print the pages from the attached file and work on the sheets.  You can check your work using the answers provided.



When you have completed today's worksheets you might like to try the challenge.  The challenge today is made up of a number of problem solving questions that draw on the knowledge you have gained throughout this chapter of work.