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Reception   Singing songs together.Songs for Christmas Play. Focus on Tempo. Focus on Dynamics and Pitch.
Year 1 Carnival of the animals (developing listening skills)Songs for Christmas Play. Space topic – Focus on Duration. Toys topic – Focus on Pitch.
Year 2 Focus on Duration.Songs for Christmas Play. Begin to read and use standard notation.(rhythm) Playground clapping games.
Year 3 Standard notation (pitch)Recorders. Standard notation (pitch)Recorders. Standard notation (pitch)Recorders.
Year 4 Standard notation (rests)Music to support topic work on the Vikings. Music to support topic work on the Rainforest.Orchestral instruments. Standard notation (pitch and rhythm)Music to support topic about Rivers.
Year 5 Standard notation (accidentals)Music to support topic work on Ancient Egypt. Standard notation (time signatures)Music to support topic work on the Victorians. Djembe.Songs for Yr5/6 production.
Year 6 Ukulele Ukulele UkuleleSongs for Yr5/6 production.