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w/c 30 March. This week, we would like you to complete the following tasks. All written work should be completed in the yellow lined book in neat handwriting with a blue pen. Make sure that you check your punctuation and your spelling carefully in all written work. Please complete art work on paper and not in the book. You could photograph your Easter card and stick a picture of it into your book!

Be Scientific!

w/c 30th March - Sound vibrations

We have learnt that sound is created when something vibrates and sends sound waves into our ears.

Have a look through the resource below to help you learn about this in a little more detail.

There is also another experiment for you try! 

Lesson 2 - Sound vibrations

Be Thoughtful & Be Mindful

w/c 30 March

1. Watch the video about using sign language.


2. Next watch this clip which shows you how to make the signs for different animals. Learn all of the animal signs and then teach them to an adult or sibling!


3. What if you were unable to hear? Make a list of the ten things that you would most miss being able to hear - with no 1 being the sound you would miss most.   Spend 5 minutes just quietly listening to the sounds around you and feeling grateful. 


4. After that, find a spot where you can sit quietly to complete this sound meditation exercise


What other hand signs can you learn? Can you learn how to introduce yourself? 



Be Creative

w/c 30.3

1.Make an Easter card for a friend or relative that you are unable to go and visit. Write a special message telling the person what you miss about them and why they are special. You could use pictures of Easter eggs, chicks, lambs or crosses.  If you have time, you could make an extra card for an elderly neighbour and pop it through their door to help cheer them up.


2. Find a jam jar and decorate it.  Cut up slips of paper and put them near your jar.  Every time that you wish you could do something or go somewhere that you can't now go, write the idea down on a slip of paper and put it into the jar.  When we are all back to normal again and can go out and about, you will have lots of ideas of things to do and places that you want to visit.


3. Find a quiet spots for a meditation


Be Musical!

Follow the instructions given by Miss Legassick and complete your music work.


Also, try to listen to music every day. Remember that there are many different types of music to listen to from jazz music to country music. Which do you prefer? Have fun and have a dance too!


You could also take part in 'The Masked Musician'! Have a look at the Music page for more details.

Be Active!

Spend time either inside or outside being active.  You can choose to complete one of Mr Mettler's activities or you can visit these websites for ideas.

9am each morning - Joe Wicks Workouts.  Sport England ideas to keep moving

Body percussion - videos from Ollie Tunmer (from Stomp) - search online.

Try to spend at least 30 mins per day being active.


Previous home learning resources

w/c 23rd March

This term we have started to learn about sound. Please find below your Science tasks for this week.


Lesson 1 Sound - pitch

PSHE w/c 23.3

Watch the film clip about Jimmy's story.

1. Write a list of 5 things that you could do to make a new person in your class feel welcome.

2. What would be useful for a new person at Burford School to know? Create a Welcome Pack. You could do this by:

  • Cutting up pieces of card and having different information on different cards and putting them into an envelope.
  • Making a quiz with answers.
  • Making a powerpoint with pictures and useful information about the school.

Be Creative!

w/c 23.3 Make a piece of art of the Iron Man. You can do this by:

  • painting / colouring
  • collage 
  • using tin foil and twisting it to make a body shape
  • junk modelling